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Flowers Downtown Brought to You By Downtown Westfield Corporation

Flowers Downtown Brought to You By Downtown Westfield Corporation

Downtown Westfield Corporation and Williams Nursery have partnered again and placed beautiful floral displays in downtown Westfield.

52 hanging baskets of Queen of Balcon ivy geraniums adorn the fences on Central Avenue and the train station and over 50 baskets have been filled on light poles around downtown thanks to the assistance of the Town of Westfield DPW (Downtown Business District Supervisor Craig Gibson, Bob Vastano, Vinny Brodo and Rock Steward). In addition, 56 rectangular planters with Dragon Winged Begonias, elephant ears, and variegated ivy have been placed at storefronts and common areas in the downtown. The flowers have been funded as part of the Downtown Westfield Corporation annual budget and local resident and student, Chris Prasek keeps them looking beautiful by watering them regularly.

According to Sherry Cronin, DWC Executive Director, "Dave Williams and his crew from Williams Nursery have been beautifying the local community since 1920, and they are great partners to us every year in Downtown Westfield. The DPW had the flowering baskets placed on the poles as soon as they were ready out of the greenhouse.  Now we will have flowers all spring and summer."

Photo credit:  Flowering baskets have been placed on Central Avenue as part of the DWC's annual "Westfield in Bloom" effort.  Thanks to the Town of Westfield DPW Downtown crew (Craig Gibson, Bob Vastano, Vinny Brodo and Rock Steward), flowers have been placed in the light pole baskets.  Photos by Downtown Westfield Corporation and Dave Williams.

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