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NJWA Summer Workshop’s Early Elementary Programs: Keep the Curiosity Alive

NJWA Summer Workshop’s Early Elementary Programs: Keep the Curiosity Alive

Children are natural learners and have a penchant for seeking out anything new and not yet experienced. The NJWA Summer Workshop provides an opportunity to appease and feed this curiosity that drives young students to explore, discover and create, both singularly and collaboratively.

The Young Explorers program is for students who will be entering a junior kindergarten (4+) or kindergarten program in the fall. Activities include arts and crafts, violin, life science, LEGO Education pre-engineering builds and pre-readers workshop. All of these experiences work in tandem to provide an inspirational springboard for further learning and understanding.

The First Grade Adventurers program is for students entering the first grade in the fall. Sharing a similar curriculum to that of the Young Explorers, this program also offers arts and crafts, violin, physical science and practical applications, and author studies. Language arts and engineering are also explored using the teacher-favored curriculum from LEGO Education, where cooperative learning is an integral part of the process.

The teaching staff is comprised of Early Education professionals who promote a classroom culture that is inspirational, challenging, creative and fun. The freedom to discover, create and play in a warm and encouraging environment results in children who are happy and self- reliant and helps pave a path for future and successful educational endeavors.

The NJWA Summer Workshop is a three-week camp, dedicated to providing exciting cognitive and creative opportunities for students entering junior kindergarten through 9th grade. This year’s Workshop will be held at the air-conditioned Lincoln School, 400 2nd Ave, Garwood, NJ. Camp runs weekdays from July 10-July 28, 8:30am-12:30pm with an optional 7:30am drop off. The Summer Workshop partners with the Westfield area YMCA and offers Afternoon Adventures for those needing a full day program. To view, download or print the 2017 brochure, visit us on-line at


Photo Caption: Early Elementary students enjoy opportunities in both collaborative and individual learning in a fun and nurturing environment.

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