Leaf Collection

Leaf collection

There are four ways the Town of Westfield assists residents in disposing of leaves:

  • Provides curbside pickup of leaf piles
  • Provides curbside pickup of bagged leaves
  • Enables residents to bring leaves to the Conservation Center without a permit during leaf season
  • Permits your lawn care company to transport leaves to the Conservation Center
  1. Curbside pickup
  2. Bagged Leaves
  3. Conservation Center
  4. Lawn Care Companies
  5. Leaf Mulching
  6. Adopt a Drain

For curbside pick-up, the town is divided into 10 leaf collection zones. The collection begins simultaneously in zones 1 and 7 in early November each year, weather permitting. Once a zone is completed, collections will move to the next zone in numerical sequence. Please follow the guidelines:

  • Do not place leaves in the street prior to the date communicated by the Town each year.
  • Place leaves in narrow rows alongside the curb but leaving a space along the gutter to allow for drainage.
  • Do not place leaves any closer than ten feet from any stormwater inlet.
  • Do not place twigs, tree branches, pumpkins, grass, or other plant debris, including discarded mums, in the leaf pile; note that the Town will not pick up leaves with mixed debris, as only leaves are accepted at the Union County compost facilities where the leaves are deposited.
  • Before raking leaves to the street, check the Town's website, to determine in which zone the leaf collection crews are working.
  • Whenever possible, do not park on the street when the collection crews are in your zone.
  • Do not place leaves in the street after the deadline communicated by the Town each year.

The Westfield Fire Department warns residents to never park a vehicle on a pile of leaves, even if the pile is wet. Hot metal parts in the undercarriage may ignite the leaves and cause a potentially serious fire.

Leaf Collection Notifications

To stay informed about leaf collection progress and in which zones the crews are working:

Leaf Collection Video 

The Westfield Department of Public Works and Green Team wants to make leaf collection easier, safer, and better. Learn more about the new voluntary leaf bagging program, free leaf bags, mulching, and proper placement of leaves on the street to permit stormwater drainage.