Peddler's License


  1. Each applicant and all additional drivers must submit a completed application and file it in the Town Clerk's Office along with the fee of $150.00 per truck.
  2. A copy of the vehicle's registration, insurance card and a certificate of liability insurance naming the Town of Westfield as additionally insured must be submitted along with the completed application. (Except Pushcarts)
  3. All applicants and all drivers must be fingerprinted at Identogo. In addition to being fingerprinted, all persons must have a criminal record check done. See the Local Ordinance Renewal information below for instructions. (Criminal Record Check)
  4. The Westfield Police Department Traffic Safety Bureau must inspect all vehicles. In addition, all food vendors must be inspected by the Health Department. Applicants must make their own appointment for inspection. 
  5. The Town Council must approve all applications before the license is issued.

Telephone Numbers for Inspection

Westfield Health Department
908-789-4070 ext. 4090
Westfield Traffic Safety Bureau
Westfield Police Department

Click here for Peddlers regulations.

Click here for Peddler's Application.

Local Ordinance Renewals: NJSP SBI 212A Submission Instructions

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Enter the Westfield Police Department ORI#: NJ02020000
  3. Select Local Ordinance: Peddler License - 2F17ZY
  4. Once the form is completed you will be instructed as to the method of payment. The fee is $20.00
  5. Once the form is "accepted", the Westfield Police Department will be advised of the results.