Working to improve biodiversity and educate residents about environmentally friendly landscape practices.

You may know us from...

  • Having sponsored and organized ecological tours and studies of Brightwood Park.

  • The Westfield Parks Invasive Plants (WPIP) strikeforce.

  • Trash clean ups in Brightwood and Tamaques parks; so far we’ve removed tons of garbage from each park.

  • Worked with the Friends of the Great Swamp Watershed Association to provide native plants for sale. 13,500 plants were sold to local residents in NJ through this project.

Ways you can make a change

  • Educate yourself by watching  Nature's Best Hope about transforming your yard into a beneficial ecosystem.
  • Don’t plant invasive plants on your properties; plant native plants instead.
  • Reduce lawn area and replace with "productive" shrubs and trees.  Explore a ranked list of plants options to choose from.
  • Mulch/mow leaves in the fall to reduce the amount of leaves left in the street for Town collection.

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