Integrated Planning

Aiming to mainstream sustainability and resilience throughout Westfield’s various planning, development and decision-making processes.

We have been focusing on the Master Plan reexamination and subsequent updates to its various individual elements and a suite of sustainability plans such as a Climate Action Plan and Sustainability and Resilience Master Plan Element

You may know us from...

  • Our stakeholder role in integrating sustainability and resilience in the preparation of the Master Plan Reexamination Report.
  • The organization of Green Infrastructure studies and plans conducted by Rutgers and provided inputs to the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan and the Bikeways and Walkways Plan. 
  • Our work in the Town Council’s adoption of a Sustainable Land Use Pledge, Green Building Policy, and Green Development Checklist.
  •  Westfield's Sustainability Jersey awards! We played the lead role in coordinating the town's application to Sustainable Jersey that has resulted in Silver level certifications two years in a row! 

Ways you can make a change

  • Get engaged in developing a Climate Action Plan.
  • Get engaged in developing a Sustainability and Resilience Master Plan Element.
  • Get engaged in the Streetworks and other redevelopment planning.

Helpful resources