How do I get a permit?

Seasonal permits will be sold online only beginning Monday, March 14. No permits will be sold at the Center. Once you complete your online transaction, please keep a record of your confirmation page (by phone or paper) and bring it with you to your first trip to the Center. Display it, along with identification, in your window. A Department of Public Works employee will verify your purchase and will then place the seasonal decal on your vehicle.

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1. When is a permit necessary to use the Conservation Center?
2. How do I get a permit?
3. What types of vehicles are permitted to use the Center?
4. What types of vehicles are not permitted to use the Center?
5. What organic materials are accepted at the Center?
6. What materials are not accepted at the Center?
7. Can my landscaper bring the grass clippings from my property to the Center?
8. Do I need to sort the organic debris or recyclable materials I bring to the Center?
9. What can I do with the bags or containers I use to transport organic debris or recyclables to the Center?
10. What if I have special circumstances?
11. Where can I dispose of household bulky waste?