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2023 Lifelong Westfield Survey

  1. Help us develop additional programs and activities for Westfield’s seniors. Please completeyour answers for each question below. If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to contact Brad Chananie, Co-Chair, Lifelong Westfield at 908-419-2076. 

  2. What is your age?*
  3. Do you have friends/relatives living in Westfield that you see regularly?*
  4. Are you aware that Westfield offers a free curb-to-curb Senior Transportation Service to take seniors to doctor’s appointments or shopping locally? *
  5. Have you ever used the Westfield Senior Transportation Service?*
  6. • Are you interested in using the Westfield Senior Transportation Service?*
  7. If Yes, where would you like to take it?*
  8. What events, programs or activities would you be interested in attending that are sponsored by Lifelong Westfield?*

    (Please check up to five choices)

  9. How interested would you be if Westfield offered the following seniors’ services or facilities? Please select the a scale from the dropdown menu 1 (least interested) to 10 (most interested)

  10. Did you know that the Fire Dep’t offers free home safety inspections for seniors?*
  11. Would you like a weekly check-in phone call from Lifelong Westfield?*
  12. Did you attend any Lifelong Westfield events in 2021 or 2022?*
  13. What, if any, Lifelong Westfield events did you attend in 2021-2022?
  14. If you attended any event, what event(s) did you like the best?
  15. What type of home do you live in?*
  16. How many people live with you?*
  17. Do you regularly use the internet/email?*
  18. Do you have a car and drive?*
  19. Are you a member of Lifelong Westfield & receive regular emails from us?*
  20. If no, would you like to join Lifelong Westfield and receive regular emails about senior events and news in Westfield? *
  21. What is the best way to reach you?
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