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South Avenue parking in Downtown Westfield NJ

The Parking Services Department is ready to assist you with parking requests in the Town of Westfield. They are located at 425 East Broad St. Stop in to place your name on the wait lists, buy a parking card or tokens, report a broken meter, purchase a meter bag, or file for a dumpster permit. Call 908.789.4044 or visit them on the web --

As part of the Town of Westfield's commitment to making you and your customer's parking experience as convenient as possible, pay stations have been installed in all municipal parking lots and along South Avenue. These new multi-space pay stations provide convenient payment options, including payment by coin, bill, token, credit card, debit card, phone app (, and Smart Cards. The machines have electronic, easy-to-read displays and instructions.

Permit Parking
Permit parking spots are available to resident commuters, business owners and employees.

Commuter Permit Parking

  • Southside Train Station (Lot #3, 5am – 10am, Monday – Friday) – $696 annually and $420 semi-annually.
  • Watterson Street (Lot #6, 5am – 10am, Monday – Friday) – $420 annually and $210 semi-annually.
  • Prorated rates based on month purchased.
  • Waiting list for permits. Contact Office of Parking Services at 789-4044 for details.

Employee Permit Parking

  • North and Central Avenues (Lot #8, 9am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday) and orange bagged meters on Orchard Street, Ferris Place and Elm Street (9am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday) – $600 annually, $300 semi-annually and $150 quarterly.
  • Any employee has option to park in any employee designated location on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Prorated rates based on month purchased.
  • Waiting list for permits. Contact Office of Parking Services at 789-4044 for details.

Residential Parking Permits

  • Certain Westfield streets are designated as “Residential Permit Parking Zones”.These streets are marked with signs that restrict general parking. Residents who do not have off-street parking must display special permits to park their cars on these streets. There is a $10 annual fee (January – December). Nite Owl permits (downtown overnight parking) from 4:30pm – 9:00am Monday – Saturday in Lot 4. Monday – Friday 4:30pm – 9:00am and Saturday in Lot 8. Sunday all day FREE in both lots. Permits are $120 annually.

Daily Parking Permits
Daily parking permits are available on a first-come first-serve basis in Lot #3 for $5 per day.The parking services officer arrives at 6:30am and leaves when the available daily permits are sold.

Metered Parking
Metered parking is available throughout the downtown. For your convenience, there is 15-minutes of FREE parking with the push of a button at all on-street meters. Metered parking is available for up to two-hours onstreet, nine-hours on-street, pay station parking is available in four-hours in parking lots and nine-hours in parking lots. Every numbered space is uniquely numbered allowing customers to pay for parking from any pay station in town.

Parking meter enforcement is from 10am – 6pm Monday through Saturday with the exception of the 12-hour Lots #3 and #6 (6am – 6pm). The parking enforcement hours of Lots #3 and Watterson St. (Lot #6) are from 6am – 6pm. Please be advised that meter feeding exceeding the maximum posted limit is prohibited at all meters and pay stations.

Adding Time to Pay Stations
You may add time to your parking space to the designated maximum time allowed from any pay station in town (not to exceed the maximum posted limit). Follow instructions on the pay station.

Loading Zones
Loading Zones are located on Prospect Street, Quimby Street, Elm Street, Central Avenue, and East Broad Street.

Free Parking
The Town of Westfield offfers the following free parking options:

  • FREE parking in permit spaces after 10:00am in Lot #3 (South Avenue Train lot).
  • FREE parking is available on Saturdays in Lots #6, #8, and Lot #3 at non-numbered, non-metered permit spots, and at orange bagged employee permit spaces on Orchard St., Elm St. and Ferris Place
  • Employees are encouraged to use Lot #3 and Lot #8 on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Downtown Westfield always offers FREE parking in all spaces on Sundays.

Bicycle & Moped Parking
Bicycle and moped parking racks are available for free use at Lot #3 (South side train station) and Lot #2 (North side train station). Westfield bike racks are also available at the entrances to Parking Lot #1, and near the Information Kiosk on Central Ave. and East Broad St.

Click here to view a Downtown Westfield parking map.