The Pokémon Go phenomena has quickly taken over the country and yes, New Jersey and Westfield too. Since its release, Pokémon owner Nintendo has seen its stock price soar. Niantic Labs, the creators of the app, claim that on a daily basis, the insanely popular app is being used twice as much as Facebook on Androids.


In New Jersey as in the nation, there appears to be an unexpected upside to the craze. Not only are couch potatoes getting up off their couches and walking in their neighborhoods, businesses that have been declared "Pokéstops" or Pokémon gyms have seen rising sales and a sudden influx of new patrons. Social media posts by local businesses often include Pokémon sightings.


For kids and adults in and around Westfield going mad for this latest game, here are some of the top places to walk by in downtown Westfield for the most interactions within Pokémon Go.

  1. Mindowaskin Park
  2. Presbyterian Church Cemetery
  3. Baron's Drugs
  4. Starbucks
  5. Arcanum Hall (Corner of Elm St. and E. Broad)
  6. James Ward Mansion
  7. Juxtapose Gallery
  8. Kennedy's Barber Shop
  9. 9/11 Memorial
  10. War Memorials at the traffic circle near Lord & Taylor

Go catch 'em all! And while here, support your local businesses! You can read more about Pokémon Go in NJ on and on TAPintoWestfield.