August 5, 2016

As I sat at Limani Seafood Grill in Westfield on one of the warmest days of the year and devoured a salad of sweet watermelon, tangy feta cheese and fresh mint, I was certain that there was no better antidote to the oppressive heat.


When temperatures rise, there’s nothing I crave more than fresh salads and lighty prepared seafood. How fortunate, then, that my visits to this almost nine-year-old Greek-influenced seafood restaurant coincided with the dog days of summer.

George and Vasilia Vastardis own Limani, which can usually be found bustling with diners who all seem to be well acquainted with both the menu and the friendly waiters. Mr. Vastardis is the chef and manages the day-to-day operations while Mrs. Vastardis, who has a full-time retail job, helps on weekends. He was born in the port city of Piraeus in Greece and chose the name Limani, which means harbor in Greek, to reflect his upbringing.

“I wanted to capture the spirit of how I grew up eating, which was seafood caught that same day paired with lots of different salads,” Mr. Vastardis said.

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