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20 Ways to Love Downtown Westfield

20 Ways to Love Downtown Westfield

With the 20th anniversary of Westfield's Jazz Fesival this year, we want to give everyone a chance to show their love for the festival and this town. Here are the top 20 ways you can show your love!

  1. Bring the kids downtown on Tuesday nights in July & August for jazz and maybe a bite to eat
  2. Try the new Kilwins ice cream shop on Elm St., or frequent your old favorites
  3. Say hello to Mayor Skibitsky's if you see him downtown, especially if he's dining with his family al fresco
  4. Give your kids money when they want to come downtown with their friends
  5. Take yoga or bar classes at POE, Bar Method or Satsang
  6. Try the new Addams Tavern when it opens (but don't forget about your old favorites too)
  7. Give a 'woop woop' for the Trader Joe's rebuild
  8. Buy a new bathing suit at Lord & Taylor or Johari, even if you still want to lose a few pounds
  9. Dream of more openings in vacant storefronts
  10. Get yourself waxed, lashed or threaded at bluemercury, Lunch Box, Girl from Ipanema, R Studio Lash Spa or Amazing Lash Studio (coming soon)
  11. Shop at our retail stores in person, not online, especially if you want them to stay open in our town
  12. Frequent the Rialto Theater even if you can catch the movie in a few months on demand
  13. Congratulate James & Lillian of Akai Sushi Lounge on the birth of their new daughter
  14. Buy your running shoes from Westfield Running Co and kids shoes from Castle Bootery, even if you can find them cheaper online
  15. Buy anything you like in our stores downtown even if you can find them cheaper online
  16. Share your hometown pride with Carlo's Bakery as well as Bovella's
  17. Thank Jude Connally for opening their only retail store in the nation in Westfield
  18. Parking spots in the lots only cost $.50/hour, so come prepared
  19. Pick up litter if you see it on our downtown sidewalks
  20. Call anyone you know who works at J. Crew or Brooks Brothers and beg them to open a store here

Please send us an email if you want to see more lists like this!

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