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Doing Our Part To Keep Downtown Businesses Vibrant

Doing Our Part To Keep Downtown Businesses Vibrant

As the Mayor's Downtown Task Force continues their work and makes recommendations to improve the business climate in our downtown, we should all look at how to do our part. We can all have a voice and affect positive change in our community.

Recently Jackie Lieberman, owner and editor of, published the following on her

Westfield, NJ Facebook page:  "There's been a lot of talk about decline in business downtown. We can offer suggestions and we can complain, but there's something else we can all do--we can choose to spend our money there. This weekend, I pledge to buy something that I need in Downtown Westfield, rather than on the internet or someplace else. Will you join me?"

Jackie's post received over 100 comments from people who rose to the challenge and patronized Westfield businesses and even shared their future plans to support Downtown Westfield. Many businesses offered discounts in the discussion thread. What a great outpouring of action from local businesses and residents who posted their personal stories online in an effort to help our town.  

We understand people are anxious about vacancies. It is a fact that national trends in retail are declining in brick and mortar stores as online shopping grows. We can't reverse that trend. But we can make an effort to shop at our local stores whenever possible to ensure the health and vitality of our business district. Please take on the challenge and do your part to help!

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