Rumors can be a terribly damaging form of communication. Rumors spread on social media are no exception, and only serve to amplify the negative effects on people and businesses. 

Recently our office has received an increased level of questions about store closings based on rumors on social media. While we can in some cases confirm news about stores not renewing their leases or planning to close, the majority of rumors we hear and read are false! Rumors about some of our downtown chain stores and restaurants closing are most often not true and we are baffled by who would start such rumors and why. The businesses affected are themselves confused about where the rumors started and are forced into damage control mode to convince customers they are doing fine.

Whether a rumor is true or not, the outcome of spreading it can be damaging. Employees are bombarded with questions. Shoppers are concerned. Residents start to wonder about the health of our downtown. In most instances this stress is all for naught and a waste of time.

Rumors are often spread due to a lack of information or drawing conclusions based on partial information or fake assumptions. Please don't engage in this level of chatter, gossip and innuendo. It only serves to hurt our affected businesses and is counter productive to our collective efforts to keep our downtown thriving.

For the love of your town, please keep the online talk to verified facts and discussions that serve to affect positive change in our community. Better to talk about where you are shopping than to go online to complain in a public forum. If you want to voice concerns, ask questions and help our town, please come join one of the DWC committees and put your energy toward positive change. We would greatly appreciate your help! Thank you.

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