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New Outdoor Space to Eat & Drink at NosVino

New Outdoor Space to Eat & Drink at NosVino

With Jazz Festival coming to Westfield every Tuesday night in July and August, it’s good to know that NosVino now has outdoor seating for its customers! Having acquired a sidewalk café license, they provide an outdoor space for people to eat, drink and enjoy snacks along with their great wine and craft beer.

Whether you're waiting for a table to open at your favorite restaurant, looking for a spot to sit, sip and relax, in need of that perfect rendez-vous spot for date night or making sure the evening doesn't end when dinner is over ... NosVino offers a new option.

You know them for the best wine and craft beer in the area. Now you can also help yourself to a selection of cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, jams and chocolates. Purchase what you want inside and then sit outside at one of their tables and serve yourself!

Selections Include:

Rouzaire Fougerus Cheese
Cousin to brie, Fourgerus is a Coulommiers style cheese aged with fern leaves made by the French cheese house Rouzaire. Flavor will be creamy, mushroomy and slightly woodsy.

Plymouth Original Cheese
Founded in the late 1800's by the father of President Calvin Coolige. Plymouth original is a cheddar style cheese aged for 1 year.

Plymouth Hunter Extra Aged
A cheddar style cheese aged for 2 years.

Lazy Lady Goat Cheese
Lazy Lady Dairy is run by Laini Fondiller, located on the Vermont/Canada border. Laini breeds and raises her own goats and spends upwards of 80 hours a week working. The La Roche is a bloomy goat cheese cone modeled after the French Chabichou with a bloomy rind, creamy outside and chalky center. Flavor will be lactic, slightly spicy and rich.

Olympia Chorizo Rioja
Elias Cairo founded Olympia about 10 years ago as the first American producer to go back to using natural pork casing to make his dry cured salamis. The Chorizo Rioja has classic chorizo spiced including smoked paprika and cayenne with the addition of oregano.

La Quercia Prosciutto
Based in Iowa, raising heritage breed pigs, vegetarian fed, hormone and antibiotics free and pasture raised.

Mitica Fig Jam
Made with fresh Pajarero figs, lemon honey and that's it! From Valencia, Spain.

Stop by Café NosVino and enjoy these artisan snacks alongside your favorite wines and craft brews.


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