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Message from DWC Chairman, Dominick Verdic

Message from DWC Chairman, Dominick Verdic

It is always a pleasure working with Sherry Cronin, Beth Brenner and Jamie Lemberg at the Downtown Westfield Corporation. At a time when the retail environment is challenging nationwide and politics is divisive, it is extraordinary that the DWC and its staff continue to focus on addressing the changing needs of our business community in a non-partisan way and  embracing and adapting to new trends and ideas for additional growth. 

The DWC looks at the challenges facing our downtown and sees opportunities. DWC is all about positive energy, passion for the our Special Improvements District (SID) and working tirelessly with property owners (like me) and business owners who want to expand and improve our business district. The DWC also regularly interfaces and collaborates with the town departments and administration.

The staff doesn't have all the answers, but they are creative and never stop trying to assist. They are open, cooperative and always invite discussion. They coach businesses to adapt and evolve with the changing environment rather than fight it; to bring experiences to the consumer, not just products; to figure out new ways to market ourselves as a destination; to give storefronts curb appeal. They redesigned the downtown website to give us a more upscale and modern image. They support our efforts on social media and bring new ideas to the table. They share knowledge about upcoming development and work on historic preservation. They invite volunteers to join committees. They execute and improve promotional events and request constant feedback. The amount of work is amazing and often unnoticed. 

Westfield has always been a great town and a destination, yet we all agree there is room for continued growth. The DWC office strives to make Westfield a vibrant place where people want to shop, dine and live. They work hard with retail business owners, restaurant owners, property owners, developers and town officials to help plan and execute a shared vision.

I appreciate the staff, board and the committees who are always working to make our downtown better. 

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