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NJWA Music Studio Begins Fall Registration for All Ages

          The arrival of autumn often brings opportunities to renew previous enjoyable activities or undertake new and stimulating endeavors. The New Jersey Workshop for the Arts Music Studio can help you achieve these goals.

The NJWA, located at 150-152 East Broad Street in Westfield, is a non-profit arts organization, which offers both children and adults opportunities to explore their creativity in a meaningful way through instruction and performance. The fall session begins September 4, and includes lessons in voice, strings, guitar, woodwinds, brass, percussion and  piano, taught by a staff of  highly skilled professional artists and  educators. Private instruction is given in a 30, 45 or 60 minute format.

          The Music Studio offers opportunities to play in various bands and orchestra ensembles.  The Rock Performance Workshop is intended for teen musicians and vocalists. Experienced string playing adults have the opportunity to join the Wednesday Morning Strings, which plays for many area senior citizen residences. Intermediate and advanced alphorn players can become part of the International Alphorn Society Ensemble, while professional and advanced musicians may choose to participate in the Majestic Winds.

          Other  programs in the Music Studio include the Music Theory Class, a program to sharpen your understanding of the basic elements of music, the Alexander Technique, a learning method for improving mind-body awareness in movement as applied in performing with musical instruments and singing,  and the Music Connection, a program which provides instruction for special needs families.

          The Music Studio also added a recent program, called Music FunTime, intended for children ages 3 to 5. Music FunTime students use musical crafts, worksheets, games and instruments in an exciting way to explore the arts.

          This semester the Music Studio is planning group piano lessons, for beginners of all ages.

          Those who wish to purchase instruments, sheet music or accessories, may do so by calling or visiting the Music Studio.  

          The NJWA is also home to The Westfield Fencing Club and the  NJWA Summer Arts Workshop. The organization offers a number of extension programs throughout the area.  

           For additional information, visit the NJWA  studios at 150-152 East Broad Street, Westfield, log on to, or phone 908-789-9696  for continual updates on their events and programming. 

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