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2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

As Mayor Shelley Brindle outlined in the State of the Town address on January 3, 2019, the Town remains focused on improving the business climate through short-term solutions, while a longer-term vision is established through the Master Plan process.  29 new businesses opened in the Special Improvement District last year and many more are opening. Read the Mayor's address here.

Building on Mayor Brindle's address, Downtown Westfield Corporation thanks you for supporting Downtown Westfield and shopping locally.  You answered our call (The Shopper's Dilemma: Online vs. Downtown) on the importance of patronizing local businesses-particularly during the recent holiday season. According to Patrice Frey, President & CEO of the National Main Street Center, there is confidence now more than ever that Main Street's future is strong. The DWC, your local Main Street organization, remains committed to working with stakeholders and the Town in crafting solutions with practical-minded determination.  

Last year, that determination in Main Street America communities translated into impressive impact.  Together, The Main Street network catalyzed $4.48 billion in reinvestment, 8,737 building rehabilitations, 30,924 net gain in jobs, and 6,211 net gain in new businesses.  And, for every dollar invested in a Main Street program, local communities saw an average reinvestment of $26.43 in their downtown district. 

We thank you for your continued support of our local businesses and our determination as a Main Street organization to maximize the possibilities for our downtown economy and the place we are proud to call home. Mayor Brindle, Patrice Frey and the DWC share the same belief that the state of our Town and Main Street by all measures is strong.  Together, we can make it even stronger. 

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