The French Martini, located at 41 Elm St., was thrilled to be selected in January as one of the design teams to transform a room in Grace's House, a charitable, designer show house in Plainfield, NJ to benefit The Valerie Fund. As Angela Kurze & Brandi Wotanowski, owners at The French Martini, began to develop their vision and design for the grand foyer and staircase of the historic mansion, they visited their friends Daniela and Gabrielle at Ella Allure, located at 220 E Broad St. Immediately, the design duo at Ella Allure were on board to offer support and resourcing.

"It was so inspiring speaking with them about the project. Without hesitation, they asked how they could help." said The French Martini. Together, the two small businesses were able to acquire over $5,000 worth of donated furnishings to be used at Grace's House. "This is a beautiful example of what can happen when small businesses collaborate. Westfield's downtown is truly special because the owners here work together as neighbors, to build each other up and create success. In this case, it has been extraordinary, because it is helping to raise money for an incredibly worthwhile cause. We are grateful for the support from Ella Allure."

Grace's House is 7,000 square foot, historical home built in 1870 that has been transformed by the talent and vision of some of the areas most extraordinary interior designers. Tours will be open to the public from April 25 - May 19. 

In addition to The French Martini, other select design businesses in Westfield have been chosen to participate in the show house. Designers Hillary Kaplan & Miriam Silver Verga of Mimi & Hill will design Room #1-7, the Dining Room. Jacie Civins at Evalyn Dunn Gallery is contributing by loaning some of her beautiful, original art pieces to be displayed at the house. 

All proceeds of ticket sales to tour the house will go directly to The Valerie Fund's Greenlight Initiative.  

For more information or to buy tickets to show house, visit