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Reimagining the Future of Rialto Theater

Reimagining the Future of Rialto Theater

As Mayor Shelley Brindle shared in her recent State of the Town address, a visionary and experienced Rialto Advisory Group has been formed and is working with the owner of the Rialto to reimagine the future of the theater in Westfield -- possibly transforming it into a performing arts center. The Rialto Advisory Committee is comprised of volunteer residents with expertise in commercial real estate and financing, theater management, grant writing, economic development, and the film industry, to name a few. 

They are in the process of applying for grants to fund the cost of a consultant with specific experience in the performing arts and theater renovation space—with the intention of conducting a full assessment and feasibility study of how to proceed. They have collected valuable input and are ready to move on to this next step in the near future.  Mayor Brindle will provide updates about these and other exciting developments as progress is made.

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