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DWC Announces New Plan for Open Quimby

DWC Announces New Plan for Open Quimby


Quimby Street to accommodate pedestrian plaza and one-way traffic

As a result of feedback received from various downtown stakeholders, the Downtown Westfield Corporation (“DWC”) is announcing a new plan for Open Quimby that will take effect starting this Thursday, July 23. Open Quimby, which has resulted in opening Quimby Street for pedestrians only on the weekend, was developed by the Downtown Westfield Reopening Task Force which includes the DWC, Mayor Brindle and Councilwoman Mackey, town employees and business owners.

“While thousands of people have visited Quimby over the past four weekends to dine al fresco, take in an exercise class or just stroll down an open street, we are aware of the fact that this arrangement has been really good for some businesses, ok for a few and not so great for others,” stated Bob Zuckerman, DWC Executive Director.  “In order to try to accomplish our goals of creating a real pedestrian plaza, providing more space for outdoor dining, allowing cars to park for quick curbside pickup and deliveries, and creating an attractive destination for downtown Westfield, the Task Force has come up with a new plan which we believe will better achieve all of those objectives.”

The new Open Quimby plan is as follows:

  1. Quimby Street will become a one-way street, with cars moving in the direction from Central Avenue to Elm Street (the side with non-angled parking). One-way traffic will now flow on this side of Quimby seven days a week.
  1. The eight non-angled parking spots on the north side of the street will be open seven days a week for 15-minute curbside pickup and delivery vehicles only. The 15-minute limit for these eight spots will be strictly enforced by the Westfield Police Department.
  1. The south side of Quimby with angled parking will become a parklet for pedestrians seven days a week. No parking will be permitted on this south side of Quimby, although there will be access for the two alleyways on this side of the street. 
  1. Two twenty-foot tents, which will now have bistro lights, will be placed together close to the Central Avenue side of Quimby and used by the public for additional dining for take-out orders (from any restaurant) as well as fitness classes. Sanitized wipes will be available for customers to wipe down the tables in between seatings.
  1. The Elm side of Quimby and portions of the mid-block will be used for additional dining tables for the restaurants on the block who have already been using this extra space for outdoor dining.
  1. The parklets will have new planters and plantings interspersed throughout the open side of the block. Additionally, we have ordered attractive covers that will be placed over the concrete barriers to help beautify the parklets. These new covers will arrive in approximately two weeks.
  1. We will continue to have live music on Quimby on weekend nights.

Zuckerman said, “We hope the public and our businesses will find that this new plan works better for all of our stakeholders. Our goal is for Quimby Street to continue to be a real destination this summer while we’re living under the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Quimby Street will be closed to traffic during the day on Wednesday, July 22 starting at 8:00 A.M. so DPW and the Police Department crews can set up the street. All of the businesses on Quimby will be open on Wednesday but parking will not be allowed and cars will not be permitted until the setup is complete. 

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