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Thanksgiving 2020. Smaller, maybe, but still special.

Thanksgiving 2020. Smaller, maybe, but still special.

If your Thanksgiving 2020 will be downsized this year, there are plenty of ways to make it a festive holiday. You may not be relying on as many family members and friends to create a feast. Downtown Westfield has an array of options, from traditional to a twist, to make your holiday delicious and enjoyable.  

Don't wait to order your Thanksgiving specialities from your favorite merchants in @downtown_Westfield.

Floral arrangements from The Green Room (908) 518-0400

Small, medium or large cheese boards from Patrica and Paul @patriciaandpaul (908) 232-3866

Fun hot toddy craft cocktail kit and tabletop accessories from Mimi & Hill Shop (908) 588-2202

Antipasto and other catered specialities from Farinolio (908) 325-2486

Essential spice bundles from Savory Spice Shop (908) 264-8947

Cherry pumpkin nut bread & pies from Mulberry House Restaurant (908) 233-3562

The whole dinner—done—for the family from Addams Tavern (908) 232-3201

Single-serving dinners with the fixins' from Vicki's Diner (908) 233-6887

Everyone's favorite desserts from Bovellas (908) 232-4149

Fresh fruit trays from Kings Bowl Cafe (908) 228-5396

Stylish stretchy pants from Beyond Trends (718)-748-0479

Williams Sonoma has you covered from turkey basters to tableware (908) 301-0075

Baron's Drugs has chocolate turkeys and fancy paper napkins (908) 232-6680

What you want. Westfield's got it.

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