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How Can Our Downtown Thrive if Everyone Shops Online?

597d2a7624713c7d0c51749244e7bbd4 mediumPeople often ask us why there are vacancies in town and are curious about which stores are coming in next. Did you you ever stop to think that you, as a shopper, have a direct impact on the success of our retailers? Nationals as well as independent stores can exist and thrive in Westfield only if shoppers shop there.

Data shows that people are shopping online in increasing numbers each year. While it is convenient to shop online, our local national stores (such as Williams-Sonoma, GAP, Victoria's Secret, Lord & Taylor, etc.) can order items online for you and get credit for the sale.

Downtown needs your support more than ever. If you are considering an online purchase from one of our national brands, call or visit the store directly, as every sale counts. If you love your Downtown and want to see it thrive, then please shop locally!

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